Jumping Crocodile Cruise

Jumping Crocodile Cruise
  • Location: Darwin, Northern Territory
  • Product code: GiftCard

Redeemable for a 1 Hour Crocodile Jumping Cruise.

At Spectacular Crocodile Cruises, we take guests from all over the world to view WILD Saltwater Crocodiles while providing entertaining commentary on crocodile biology, behaviours, their value to the ecosystem and everything there is to know about our prehistoric scaly pals.

All of our staff are avid wildlife guides that know the crocs individually by name and personality!

On our one-hour tour we offer the crocodiles a taste of buffalo meat in return for them swimming out to say hello and showing their incredible hunting techniques. 

Our guides are highly trained to ensure the safety of both the crocodiles and passengers at all times. All of our staff are issued with Wildlife Permits by National Parks and Wildlife for our interactions and no animals are harmed in anyway during our wildlife interactions.

Guests are required to arrive 30 minutes before departure time to accommodate check-in and boarding requirements.